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Research collaboration is hard. Tools like slack, dropbox or google docs are not focused on researchers and often times different researchers use different subsets of these tools. This leads to a higher start-up cost of getting a research project off the ground while everyone agrees on what tools to use and then multiple places to share papers which makes it harder to find them and keep work organized over the lifetime of the project.
Scrollkeeper solves this by giving you one library which you can share with your team to upload and search through those papers.

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Get up and running quickly

Scrollkeeper makes it simple to quickly upload your body of works and share them with your team.

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    Either click or drop your papers on the upload area to add them to your library.

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    Read the papers you uploaded and use the navigation and audio features to ingest the content in different ways.

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    If you have a larger collection (and are on pro) you can search through your collection by author, full text or reference.

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    Share your library with other team members and assign permissions to them to help you manage the collection.


More dynamic document structure

We use machine learning to parse your pdfs and transform them into our own format which allows us to add special features like audiobook which allows you to listen to your papers or our click to open feature for graphs and images and of course library search.

This also allows us to extract the atomic elements of the paper like sections, references, formulas and bibliographies and use them to provide you a better experience interacting with the document.

Get up and running quickly and securely

Uploading is quick and easy. We support bulk uploads and we provide fine grained permissioning for team members you add to your library to control who can manage the team or add and remove papers.

This allows you set up whatever structure you need to support your research team as it works or changes over the life of project.


Our testimonials

So yeah we don't have any testimonials yet, but as the founder, I think it's pretty great, and I hope you will agree. If you do like it, please reach out because I'd love some actual testimonials.

Ian Butler
Founder Scrollkeeper

What next?

Our goal is to solve the issues the research community faces and we are starting here with project organization and collaboration.