Organization, searchability, collaboration aid and more!

Our application is built to help researchers get up and running on new projects or take existing projects and organize their body of work. The ability to quickly upload your colleciton and share with your team members is our core which we continue to build and provide new features around.

Uploading is easy!

Either drag your paper or click on the upload box with the Scrollkeeper logo on it to start the process. You will see a spinner pop up and at that point you can either wait for it to finish or do other things in the app. When the upload is finished a banner will pop up with either a success message or a failure to let you know what happened.

Our format, designed to make interacting with papers more useful.

We use machine learning to extract the contents of the uploaded pdf into our own format this lets us provide you with a more productive experience when working inside of the paper for you and your team members. Examples of some of things we are able to do are our audiobook feature (think audible for papers) and pop up graphs/figures. Because of this format we have some exciting things in the works to provide even more value for you.

Search through your collection in a few different ways.

We provide three methods for you to search through your collection. You can combine them or search by only one. We then give you the ability to choose either a list or grid to display the results and clicking a result will open the paper directly for you to read.

Collaboration is core to our platform.

We make it easy to share (or unshare) your collection with your team members and provide fine-grained permissions so that you can set up your team to reflect their level of access. You can change these permissions at any time in the settings. The libraries you have access to will appear in the drop down in the lower left hand corner of the screen.